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Human First. Entrepreneur Second.

For those of you who don't know me, I am: a human being, and an entrepreneur. That's pretty much it, at the moment. I have no wife or kids. Been working too hard (and risking too much) for those things (that 99% of humanity gets to enjoy). That has an effect on friends, as well. I don't get out much. "It's always lonely along the last extra mile", as they say. Balanced lifestyles for true (passionate) entrepreneurs are few & far between. Persistence, determination & tenacity is a bitch.

"Why do you do this??" you may wonder (or not). Why don't you "get a real job"? Well, I believe that the best (most rewarding - both emotionally and financially, most effective, most productive, most satisfying, most helpful to others, most stable, etc.) job - is the one you make! I've had "jobs". While the paycheck every two weeks was nice, that's the ONLY thing I can think of that a normal "job" has over being an entrepreneur - and NOT EVEN THAT when you're successfully paying yourself! So, you think a "job" is more stable? Hmmm. I've had two "jobs" in my life, and was laid off both. The first, after just 2-1/2 years. The second, after little more than 6. I've had businesses for 3-1/2 (x2), 5, 9 & 11 years. They ended when I decided they should end. So, if there's a compelling reason to "get a job", I haven't heard it. Except, maybe, that it's a way to meet & develop your entrepreneurial team.

The "human" part? I can sum it up pretty much with a quote from Rabindranath Tragor - "I slept and dreampt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted, and behold - service was joy." Frankly, if you're not helping others, WTF good are you?? True entrepreneurs are (ultimately, at their root core - whether they're conscious of it or not) altruistic. They're creating something that will ultimately provide a service to others. Read a great article on this, recently. Wish I could find it.

My definition of "entrepreneur"? A person who starts and manages an enterprise, based upon two things - risk and initiative. If you're not willing to literally risk everything in your life (except for your relationship with God, your Source, the Universe, whatever), don't be surprised when you fail. If you aren't comfortable developing plans, and actually executing them, get a "job". Peace.

#entrepreneur #risktaker #service #entrepreneurship #human #initiative

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