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My Pitch...

My name is Rupert Meghnot. I’m a game "Venturator", who incubates game developers’ ideas into sales in six months or less (well, that's the goal, anyway!).

I have more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience. And, I’ve taught good project management practices to aspiring game producers (at the Masters' degree level) for six years… The former students of which are helping manage more than $1 billion in game IP.

The problem with most game developers is that they don’t know how to make a business out of their game idea. They focus on making games they want to sell, rather than games that people want to buy. They also don’t plan their processes, schedules or marketing - with predictable results.

I solve that problem because I’m more than an incubator. I provide all the people, guidance, resources and proprietary processes they need, to release their games ASAP… In our first ten months, my game “venturator” has more than 80 game entrepreneurs, working on seven projects - one of which was “Greenlit” in less than six months, and we’ve started four game companies.

I do this because I believe that if you’re not helping others, what good are you? I also believe that the ultimate goal of a leader is to make more leaders… So, I take the leadership lessons I’ve learned, and guide budding game entrepreneurs (and leaders!) to achieve their dreams of building sustainable game enterprises.

My clients are excited! They're getting s#@t done (GSD!), meeting milestones, and getting their games released! As Elvis would say, I'm "TCB" (Taking care of business)!


#Games #indiegames #entrepreneurship #launchingstartup #gamedev #incubator #venturator

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